BUY SELL high volumes of Post Industrial Plastic Materials.
Integral Management of Recycling Services to all types of industry.
  Which includes purchase of recyclable waste with use within domestic or international market.
• Location of staff to ensure the smooth operation and cleaning of designated recycling areas.
• Positioning containers or trailers for each type of material as appropriate for handling.
• If the volume of materials warrants the possibility of installing hydraulic presses or grinding equipment is evaluated.
Regularly companies have different suppliers or customers for different materials generated, this makes internal operations and managers to distract their attention from issues that are not part of the high value activities, Sometimes you have to generate reports for materials, check payments, performing reconciliations, tax inspections in case of destruction, etc.

REUSA proposes to remove all intermediaries and the deal is with one company, we are dedicated to integrating services and to facilitate the work to our provider, so companies have a single contact, one bill and 3 or 4 problems less to deal with.

We intend to make materials handling more efficient and employees in the areas to focus on their core activities and let us do their waste operations.
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