Benefits of Plastics Recycling:

- It reduces waste in landfills.
- Non-renewable fuels are saved, since plastics are produced from petroleum.
- At the end of its life can be used as fuels.
- Natural resources are saved.
- The amount of toxic chemicals is reduced in the process of recycling.
┬┐Did you know...?
In Mexico more than 10 million m3 of monthly garbage deposited in over 50,000 legal and clandestine landfills, which directly affect our quality of life, because our natural resources are disproportionately used as raw materials after discard and throw making them useless materials and sources of infection.
By recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees are.
22 Million Tons of paper are thrown in our country every year if they were recycled 33% would save you energy to do so and would save 28 billion liters of water.
Did you know that the glass we use has a life of more than 3000 years , and since then it has been recycled? it is 100 % recyclable.
Recycling glass saved 32% of the energy required to make new glass. For every ton that is recycled a ton of resources are saved.
Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for 3.5 hours.
In Mexico we consume about 200,000 plastic bottles every hour. Besides being wrongly classified as short-lived materials come from hydrocarbons which are non-renewable material resources.
Approximately 95 % of plastics are recyclable.
The plastic represents 11 % of our trash bag.
The raw material of plastic is oil, nonrenewable resource.
The main destination of plastic packaging is usually the landfill 88 %. Applies incineration 5% and recycling 7%
(Only 2% of plastic packaging consumed at home is recycled).
There are over 50 different types of plastics.
Recycled plastic can be turned into furniture, benches, fences, signs, bags, ropes, etc.
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